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Disquisitions on Thelema

Frater Ashtar, founder of the TTO-affiliated Priory of Horus Maat, tells us about the philosophy of Thelema and the purpose of Man.

Thélema's law was developed by Aleister Crowley , a writer and expert in ceremonial magic , during a time in Egypt .

The British occultist became the prophet of a new era, that of the Aeon of Horus: this on the basis of an intense spiritual experience that he and his wife, Rose Edith, had had during a trip to Egypt in 1904. On his behalf, he further claimed that an incorporeal or "pre-human" essence who was called Aiwass contacted him and dictated a text known as "The Book of the Law" or Liber AL vel Legis , which outlined the philosophical principles and mystics of Thélema.

The term is transliteration English of the noun taken from the Greek word θέλημα (pronounced θèlima) which means will.

The thelemic pantheon includes a series of deities, primarily a triad adapted from the ancient Egyptian religion, who are among other things the three speakers of the "Book of the Law" namely: Nuit (from Nut), Hadit (from Horus) and Ra-Hoor-Khuit (from the combination of Ra and Harpocrates). Crowley described these deities as a "literary convention". Religion is based on the idea that the twentieth century is marked by the beginning of the Age or Aeon of Horus, in which a new ethical code would be followed, that of "Do whatever you want will be all the Law". This statement indicates that adherents, known as thélemites, should seek and follow their own path in real life, known as the fulfillment of their most authentic will (the individual destiny of a person during the existence), rather than one's own little selfish desires. The philosophy also emphasizes the ritual practice called Magick. We should currently be in the Aeon of Horus and Maat.

After this brief historical excursus , I believe it is essential, especially in the times we currently live in, to find spiritual and philosophical points of reference. The world is changing, and people, often overwhelmed by futility and various problems, lose their sense of spirituality ... they lose their true essence and values. We too often witness episodes of intolerance, violence and wickedness, this happens because the human soul is caged in certain mechanisms that inhibit its divine essence, the minds of men are clouded and confused, so I think it is important to follow a mystical path that can lead to awakening and awareness. Working on yourself is in fact the best way to progress and find your own path and your own serenity.

I quote a thought from Crowley:He must tear off the gaudy garments with which shame has clothed him; it must accept the fact that nothing can make it different from what it is. He can lie to himself, take drugs, hide; but he will always be himself. After discovering his own identity, he will soon discover his purpose. "

The Thelemic Order, a Thelemic order to which I belong and which gave me the opportunity to found the Priory of Horus Maat in Italy and especially in Sicily, is concerned with spreading the Law of Thelema and therefore with spreading spirituality and harmony , tolerance and love of neighbor and mother nature. As well as to awaken that divine spark now dormant in man. Becoming a Thelemite does not mean giving up the practice of Wicca, Paganism, Shamanism or any other profound and meaningful part of one's life. Thelema is a way to put things together, not to replace them.

Indeed, many of its foundational principles found their way into Wicca through the work of Gerald Gardner, who was highly inspired by Crowley. This does not mean that Gardner was an imitator. He simply built on the same foundation as Crowley, and so many others after him. It is in fact important to know that Thelema is a living part of a long tradition of magical and esoteric thought that has its roots even in Eastern and Tantric philosophies, the basis on which all religions and all magical systems move is unique for all.

So why become a Thelemite? Because finding a way in your life is important, and it is also important to find your own dimension and spirituality that allow you to live better today. Starting a magical path means finding awareness and looking at the world with different eyes, too many people currently look at the world through dirty glass and find themselves lost and lost. In its current state, the TTO is spreading the Thelemic philosophy through continuous work both on the web and among the people and has also started a radio broadcast that you can follow on Twitter and on the official channels of the American TTO. With the Priory of Horus Maat we are organizing the work to spread Thelema also in Sicily, and we are sure we can do the work in the best possible way.

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