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Sicily is Thelema's Favorite Destination

The well-known esoteric order founded by the well-known British Occultist, Aleister Crowley, returns to Sicily. Always a magical region full of symbolism for esoteric orders of various types.

The Thelemic Order takes root in Sicily, already in the 20s this esoteric order founded by Crowley had found a way to take root in this region but was soon removed by the fascist regime that did not look favorably on the ancestral cults that were consumed inside the Abbey of Cefalù.

Thelema is a magical philosophy developed by Aleister Crowley at the beginning of the 20th century. The term is the English transliteration of the noun taken from the Greek word θέλημα which means will, born from a rib of the Hermetic / Masonic order of the Golden Dawn and was inspired by an extraterrestrial creature identified by the same English occultist with the name of Aiwass.

The order then founded in Sicily (this time on the slopes of Etna) a lodge called the "Priory of Horus Maat", with known reference to the Egyptian gods.

The purpose of the order, as reported by Frater Ashtar himself, is to spread the doctrine of Thelema in the territory and to promote the ideals of environmentalism, animalism, equality, tolerance, gender models and anti-racism.

Sicily has always been a land full of suggestions and magic, paganism is still alive and well rooted in the Sicilian woods, which is why there are many esoteric orders in this region ranging from paganism to Freemasonry, but there are even elderly ladies who practice a sort of magical Christianity in their village houses, where old pagan cults fit together with those of Catholic doctrine.

The Sicilian land therefore remains a destination for occultists and believers of the paranormal due to a long tradition with ancestral and occult roots.

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